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Mistake #6: Signing A Listing Agreement With NO WAY OUT!

Just about every agent has good intentions about helping you sell your home. But situations and circumstances change. The agent might have personal problems, or simply decide to retire or get out of the real estate business.

Or other situations may arise where the agent isn't doing his or her job as you expected. The home may not be getting the exposure you desire. Or perhaps you haven't heard from your agent in six weeks! What do you do now?

When this happens, you should have the right to fire your agent. But the listing agreement you signed is with the BROKER, not the agent. If you're unhappy, the broker may assign your home to another agent -- someone you neither personally selected, nor want. But you're stuck with him or her until the listing agreement expires.

And that can cost you a lot of money.

Always protect yourself by (1) carefully selecting the right Realtor, and (2) making certain that in a "worst case" situation, you have the flexibility to cancel your listing agreement.

That's why I offer a compete 100% Guarantee of my services. I place my priorities with yours -- to do everything possible to sell your home for top dollar, as fast as possible, with no hassles or headaches. If at any time you're unhappy with my services, please let me know. If I cannot rectify the situation, you can FIRE ME. No questions asked. Ask any other Realtor to match my guarantee. You'll find most get very uncomfortable when you put their feet to the fire to perform.

Jaysen Barlow, iHome Realtors®